Odd Jobs, Then & Now


Today, on Labor Day 2017, I am reminded of the many jobs I've held over the years. The following is a list of all the jobs I've had since I was old enough to work. With the exception of some catering gigs here and there and perhaps a random internship of no interest, the list moves from my formative boyhood jobs, through a few random stints abroad, to several art-related positions, to the present moment. I will update the list as things develop. 

From middle school to college, 1991-1997: 

1. Hudson Sun (Hudson, MA): Paper Boy
2. Victory Supermarkets (Hudson, MA): Bag Boy
3. Roche Bros. Supermarkets (Acton, MA): Bag Boy
4. Department of Public Works (Hudson, MA): Forestry Division, Waste Water Treatment Plant
5. Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore, MD): Campus Security Guard

Odd jobs abroad (UK), 1997-1998: 

6. Bar Back (London, England)
7. Potato Grader (Wellington, England)
8. Hotel Restaurant Waiter, Dishwasher (Pitlochry, Scotland)
9. Temp Worker–everything from kitchen and custodial work to picking mushrooms (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Odd jobs, Boston (MA), 1998-2015: 

10. T-shirt factory (Allston, MA): T-shirt folder
11. Pearl Art & Craft (Cambridge, MA): Cashier, Sculpture Department, Shipping & Receiving
12. Hamill Gallery of Tribal Art (Roxbury, MA): Art Handler
13. Kozmo.com, Simplex, Breakaway, and Ace (Boston, MA): Bicycle Messenger
14. Commonwealth Club / Firefly's (Marlboro, MA): Waiter 
15. Harvard Art Museums (Cambridge, MA): Museum Attendant
16. The Mass Media (UMass Boston): Photo-editor / Art Director
17. The Boston Globe (Boston, MA): Editorial Design Co-op
18. The Watermark Arts Journal (UMass Boston): Arts Editor
19. Art Department Slide Library (UMass Boston): Slide Technician
20. Environmental Studies Program (UMass Boston): Video Documentarian
21. Charlie's Kitchen (Cambridge, MA): Waiter
22. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (Boston, MA): Patrol Officer

Odd jobs, Baltimore (MD), 2015-present:

23. Maryland Institute College of Art: Graduate Program Assistant & Graduate Teaching Intern
24. Baltimore Museum of Art: Visitor Services Associate